A quick life update…

Hey, guys!
So, as you may have noticed, there’s been no post from either of us for quite a while, so I just want to apologise really quickly before I go on to explain why!
I can’t speak for Vanessa (Obviously) but the reason I haven’t posted anything is because I moved! After living with my mum and Fiancée for two years (-cringe-), we decided to get our own place together, so that’s what we did. This, of course, took quite a while to get done, there was packing, shifting everything, cleaning the old place, etc. and then, of course, there was Christmas
We made a pretty big mistake deciding to move right on Christmas, believe me. We got the keys and actually moved in on December the 18th, so one week before Christmas Day.
We’d been planning this move for several months, but I thought that it was about time (Now that the internet is finally connected) that I give you guys a quick update
I’m hoping to start regularly posting again this month, after we get back from Mildura (If you don’t know where that is, it’s basically at the top of Victoria and it’s a billion degrees, like, all the time) so don’t give up on us just yet!
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a fabulous New Years and you can now relax for a while.

And here’s a quick crappy-quality picture of Josh, Me (Caitlin) and Vanessa on NYE in Josh’s and my new place

I hope to be posting regularly again soon!
Much love,
Caitlin xo


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