Soft purples using Love is a Story palette + review

Hi, everyone! I’m back again with another tutorial, and this time I’m using the Love is a Story palette by Zoeva People seemed to really like the last tutorial I did so I thought it was about time I did another one


Firstly, here is everything that I used (I didn’t do my entire face, just eye makeup today)


As always, I first added a base to my eyelid and for this I used the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Chantilly

IMG_6462 IMG_6463

I then dusted the colour Film Star from the Love is a Story palette all over my lid so set the concealer so that it wasn’t tacky. Next, I took the shade Affair and dusted it through my crease to give my eye some dimension

IMG_6464 IMG_6465

The shade Past Romance is next, and I did the same thing as I did with affair, dusting it through the crease and concentrating a little on the outer corner for some shape

IMG_6466 IMG_6467

I decided to go in a different direction to what I originally planned and proceeded to place Past Romance all over the entire lid

IMG_6468 IMG_6469

Next comes the shade Old Fashioned and I concentrated this to the outer corner of my eye as well as slightly going through the crease for some darkness and dimension

IMG_6474 IMG_6476

As you can probably see in the photos before, there was some choppiness of the eyeshadow towards the inner portion of the eye so I had to work to blend it out. I’m not sure why this happens to me, it seems to happen almost every time I use eyeshadows and it can be a bit of a pain! Any tips?
Anyway, I then highlighted my brow bone and inner corner using Film Star (the first shade) and took Old Fashioned under the lower lashline to darken it up a tad


Next, I tightlined with my Too Faced waterproof eyeliner and added some mascara to my top and bottom lashes using Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara


And here’s a close up of the eye look! Not the most exciting look in the world, but it’s something that I would wear on a date night, because it’s soft and romantic
If you have them, adding some half lashes to the outer corners would look amazing, as would using a flesh toned eyeliner on the lower waterline. Unfortunately, I have neither at the moment so I just left my natural lashes with mascara and didn’t touch my lower waterline

IMG_6417 IMG_6441

Now I thought we could take a closer look at this palette that I used
This palette is about half neutral tones and half brighter, poppy colours (is that a thing? I’m making it a thing)
Now every single one of these shadows are beautifully pigmented, as you can see in the swatches above (all shades swatched with no primer) however, when applying them to my eye, I found that they were a tiny bit too soft, by this I mean that there was a small amount of kick up when I dipped my brush into the colour with my brush. In saying that, though, it wasn’t too much, but I did notice it in the pan when I removed the brush
The shadows I used on my eye all blended out beautifully
Overall, I really like this palette and hopefully I’ll get a lot of use out of it
I’d give this palette about a 8.5/10

As usual, all products were purchased by me, with my own money
Pictures photographed using Canon EOS 1100D Camera in natural lightning

Thanks for reading!
Much love, Caitlin xo


Where I store my Makeup/How it’s set up

Hi, everyone!
One of my favourite kinds of videos to watch on YouTube are the ones where they take you on a tour of their beauty room. It’s less about the products they show, but how they’ve decorated everything to suit their style, and the furniture they use, so today I thought I’d make this post on how organise my collection
I only recently purchased the majority of thing in this post (I bought and set up everything on Monday, and it’s now Thursday) so it may not stay the way it is. There are a lot of things that I want to add to my desk to stop it looking so stark and boring, and I’m planning on buying some proper acrylic dividers for my draws, because everything is just kind of semi-organised in each draw
Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!

This is my entire desk area that you can see when you’re standing on the bed (this room also doubles as a spare bedroom, but we don’t often have people stay over so essentially, I can do whatever I want with this room). Please excuse the awkward mirror shot of my legs, it was unavoidable
As you’ve probably guessed, I got these at IKEA! These are the Alex draws, the Linnoman desktop and the Stave mirror. Josh put everything together for me, because I would probably stuff it all up if I tried anything this complicated, so it was safer for him to do it all for me, although I did help by screwing things in and sorting the pieces out

This is what I look at when I’m on the chair facing the mirror. These brush holders are also from IKEA and I bought two different sets of the rock things and mixed them together to get the Black and Silver because I thought it looked really pretty

IMG_6378  IMG_6377  IMG_6379
Close ups of my brushes, in the order that I have them sitting on my desk
These currently sit so close to the mirror because it’s not actually stuck down with anything right now. Josh wants to put some Brackets at the back and bolt it to the desk to reduce the risk of it falling and breaking everywhere, but the ones we originally bought were too wide and I refused to have them because you’d be able to see them to the sides of the mirror, and I wasn’t okay with that haha

This is where I store most of my lip products, to the left of where I sit. I love this tower so much, but I don’t love how much I had to pay for it to get it to Australia (I believe it was about $160AUD on Amazon – and it was going to be even more if I bought it direct from the website), however, I will probably get another one because my lip product collection is ever growing
This is to the right of my desk, and it’s some more lip products in just some acrylic organisers because they don’t fit in my tower (big shocker). I also have the bluetooth speaker here so that I can listen to music in decent quality when I’m doing my makeup, because who doesn’t love music?

First, I’ll be going over what’s in my left Alex draw.

This top draw is where I keep my foundations, concealers, primers, setting powders and setting sprays, as well as some random samples I get from Mecca when I make my orders
As you can see, it took me a while to figure out my undertone – I originally got matched to MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15, but I felt that it was too yellow. I then went for some more pink-based foundations like my Chi Chi Fabulous and Flawless in Number 2 – Fair, but this made me ORANGE. For a while I mixed my Studio Fix and Chi Chi foundation and it was a pretty great match, but that still didn’t convince me! I then realised through NikkieTutorials on YouTube that she had the same skin tone as me, and this happened when she said in a video that Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 was too yellow for her. Basically, it turns out that I have Neutral undertones (who knew, right?) and so I’ve begun buying foundations that properly matched me! So now I have NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia and it’s perfection. Anyway, that’s what’s in my first draw
Next, we have my collection of Blushersm Highlighters and Bronzers, as well as my small collection of brow products (which I now need a new one because my hair no longer matches my brows because I dyed it – something I failed to realise) as well as my contour kits. I was going to keep my contour kits in the top draws as I set my undereye area with the shades from them, but I also contour, bronze and highlight with them so they live here for now

This next draw is my baby. Here, my palettes live and it’s glorious. My obsession in makeup is lipstick and eyeshadow palettes. Single eyeshadows are pretty great as well, but I like being able to put them in a Z-Palette, and I really dislike when they come in a compact, so I don’t purchase those anymore

Next, we’re moving over to the right side (these pictures probably unnecessary but it’s fine)

Firstly, we have my eyeliners, lip liners, mascara and my teeth whitening pens. I really want something better to organise these, preferably something that sits upright, but I don’t know what. Any ideas?

This next draw is my compact single eyeshadows and my pigments. These shadows never get used because I find them to be such a hassle. Palettes are just so much easier

A few months ago, this draw would’ve been so much more exciting, but I gave away about 95% of my nail polish because I never ever used it. With my job, I’m not supposed to have nail polish, nail art or false nails on (y’know, bacteria growth and all that jazz) so there was really no point. 6 of these are actually brand new because I fell in love with the formula, and now when I’m on my days off, I’ll have them painted. Right now I have an emerald green on all my nails except my ring finger where there’s this beautiful silver (it’s supposed to have purple in there, but to me it looks silver on the nails) and I feel as though I’m betraying my Gryffindor roots by rocking Slytherin nails. To be real, though, I don’t have a gold nail polish to go with my red, so that’s on my shopping list next

Next we have my skincare draw. In here, I have my Micellar water, cleansers, facial masks, body wash, moisturisers, hair masks, hair oils and cotton pads as well as a spare body wash because the one in my shower is nearly out.

Last but not least, we have my hair draw. This is where I keep my hairdryer, a brush (I keep two others in the bathroom), straightener, heat protector glove, curling irons, hair clips and my headband that I use to keep my hair out of my face when I’m applying makeup

So that’s my makeup collection and how I store it currently
If anyone has any ideas on how I can divide up my draws to make things neater and more accessible, please leave a comment! I’d love to know because at the moment, this is what I’m dealing with and it looks like a hot mess.
Some of these draws look so sad and empty, but I will be filling them up with different things soon
If you have any recommendations for anything, please let me know in the comment section, because I’d love to know what things I should have in my collection
Similarly, if there are any of my products you guys want a closer look at anything, let me know (I’d be happy to do lip swatches if that’s the sort of thing you guys are interested in), but just leave a comment and I’ll do my best

I know I say this every time, but I’m really going to try to be posting more often.
I recently got a new job that’s more stable than what I was doing before, and I have permanent hours and permanent days off so I have a more stable schedule now
I’m thinking of starting a YouTube channel as well, so please let me know the things you’d like me to do

A big thanks to Mei from meiplusone who encourages me constantly with this blog. She told me that she’s here weekly looking for new posts from me to read. If you guys haven’t heard of her, you should head on over and take a look at her blog. She’s adorable and I love her blog so much. She’s the reason this blog exists so go and give her some love!

As usual, all products were purchased by me, with my own money
Pictures photographed using Canon EOS 1100D Camera in natural lightning

Thanks for reading!
Much love, Caitlin xo

Warm smokey eye – all MakeupGeek eyeshadows!

Hey, guys! First of all I want to say a massive I’M SORRY because I said a few weeks ago that I was going to be posting more often, and that didn’t happen
In reality, I’ve had the photos for this for about 2.5 weeks but I was nervous to put it up, and I’m not sure why
Just want to put it out there, though – my brows look terrible. They were in serious need of a wax but I just didn’t have the time
Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy my first tutorial-type post!
Step one: Apply the primer of your choice, whatever works for you will be fine. I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Step Two: Next, you want to put a really neutral, matte colour through your crease. Something that’s slightly darker than your natural skintone
For this I used Makeup Geek’s Creme Brulee eyeshadow

Step Three: Using a fluffy blending brush (something similar to Sigma’s E30 or E40), put through a slightly darker brown into your crease and blend above
I used Latte by Makeup Geek for this

Step Four: Add an even darker brown, continuing to blend where you just put Latte by
For this, I used Mocha by Makeup Geek

Step Five: Now we’re adding the warmth! You want to use a really warm, deep burgundy shade. Adding little bits at a time, blend this through your crease, using something slightly more precise than the E40 (What we used earlier) – I used the Sigma E45 to place the colour where I wanted it and then used the Makeup Geek Soft Dome Brush to diffuse the colour
I used Bitten by Makeup Geek

Make sure you’re bringing your warm shadows into the inner corner a bit – not too much, but enough so that it looks blended and diffused

Step Six: Next, I went back into both Mocha and Bitten with my E45 brush and connected the end of my shadow to the corner of my eye, to give a nicer shaper to the shadows and my eyes. I did this mostly because I wasn’t going to be adding any eyeliner, so this is how I decided to add some more dimension

As you can see, there’s a blank space in the centre of my lid, so next we’ll be filling it in

Step Seven: Taking any sort of flat shader brush, or your finger, take Grandstand by Makeup Geek (This is a foiled eyeshadow) and softly pat it onto the centre of your lid. Next, take a brush and slowly and carefully blend out the edges of Grandstand so that it doesn’t look too harsh on the lid

Step Eight: Taking a Flat Definer Brush (Sigma E15 is what I used), mix the colours Bitten and Mocha together and bring both colours underneath your lower lash line and blend out softly with a clean pencil brush

Step Nine: Just to add some more dimension, I then took a tiny amount of Corrupt by Makeup Geek and blended it through the outer ‘V’ of my eye and slightly through my crease


Step 10: Add a couple of coats of your favourite mascara (Mine is Jordana’s Best Lash Extreme) and you’re done!

I hope you guys enjoyed this and it helped some of you out!
As usual, all products were purchased by me, with my own money
Pictures photographed using Canon EOS 1100D Camera in natural lightning

Thanks for reading!
Much love, Caitlin xo

A quick life update…

Hey, guys!
So, as you may have noticed, there’s been no post from either of us for quite a while, so I just want to apologise really quickly before I go on to explain why!
I can’t speak for Vanessa (Obviously) but the reason I haven’t posted anything is because I moved! After living with my mum and Fiancée for two years (-cringe-), we decided to get our own place together, so that’s what we did. This, of course, took quite a while to get done, there was packing, shifting everything, cleaning the old place, etc. and then, of course, there was Christmas
We made a pretty big mistake deciding to move right on Christmas, believe me. We got the keys and actually moved in on December the 18th, so one week before Christmas Day.
We’d been planning this move for several months, but I thought that it was about time (Now that the internet is finally connected) that I give you guys a quick update
I’m hoping to start regularly posting again this month, after we get back from Mildura (If you don’t know where that is, it’s basically at the top of Victoria and it’s a billion degrees, like, all the time) so don’t give up on us just yet!
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a fabulous New Years and you can now relax for a while.

And here’s a quick crappy-quality picture of Josh, Me (Caitlin) and Vanessa on NYE in Josh’s and my new place

I hope to be posting regularly again soon!
Much love,
Caitlin xo