At Home Green Tea Facial Scrub!

Hey guys! Vanessa here with my first post!
There are many things I love in life and skin care is one of them. But sometimes you walk into stores and think “this much money for that tiny thing?”! It gets pretty frustrating.
So I’ve been looking into simple scrubs that you can make at home and I thought I’d share it with you guys!

Also sorry for the not-as-good-as-Caitlins quality photos. I don’t have a thousand dollar camera, I just have my phone. šŸ˜€

So this one is super easy. Its only 3 ingredients and its just so great.
First boil some water in a kettle and put a bit in a small cup. Add green tea to it and let it cool for a while.


You can use loose leaves and strain it but I just have bags and it works fine. Even this was too much water, you dont want it to be really water-y otherwise you can’t really exfoliate properly.

Once the green tea has cooled and its strong, add sugar. I used brown sugar but you can use whatever you want. I think I ended up putting about 6 spoons of sugar. Obviously you don’t have to make that much (I have heaps leftover, but if you leave it in a cupboard its good for a few weeks), but make sure its enough so it looks something like this.


As you can see theres a lot of sugar, but at the moment still more water. I think I poured out a bit more water, just for a better consistency.

Next add the honey. This really brings it all together. I put 1 tablespoon of it and mixed it for a while. It kind of takes over, actually. This is what it will look like.


So now that your mix is all ready its time to prep your face!

IĀ Snapchat--7474376406834567757

First things first (I’m a realist), take off all your makeup and clean your face. I’m just using facial wipes from Woolworths, they’re $2 for 25 wipes which make my life complete. Thats in Australia though so if you’re not from Australia just use whatever you have there. I wouldn’t know so~

After you’ve done that make sure your hair is all back, because this stuff will ruin your life is it gets in your hair (honey + hair = worst day ever)


Investing in one of these babies is the best thing you will do. This cost me $1, I’m not even joking you should all buy them, I bought it from ebay. It’ll keep your hair out of your face and lets face it, its cute as butts.

Now that all you hairĀ is pushed back (because our hair looks sexy pushed back) its time to scrub! I just dipped my hands in and then just put the stuff on my face and rub it into the skin (use circular motions and put a bit of pressure, need to get the gross skin off because well you know).

Snapchat--9043483914135033411 Snapchat-8379705469623339270

Get that deliciousness all over your face! Seriously it smells good, and I scrubbed my lips too so it also tasted great. Just in case you were interested.

To get the stuff off you cant just use water, I mean warm-hot water gets it off a bit but the honey is just a stubborn little baby. So I use an exfoliator that I bought from the Body Shop (I don’t know if thats a place overseasĀ but its basically just natural stuff and bath & beauty stuff) and put warm water on it and lightly wipe it off my face. You can just use a normal face washer but I wanted to just get it all done and it makes life easier.

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JustĀ make sure you get all of it off because I did not and you’ll be picking at your face for a while because the honey dries (ew) and its just annoying. So just triple check. For me.

After that you’re done! And this made my face feel so soft I was just touching my face all day its so nice and fresh. My under eye darkness was less prominent and I just don’t even know how to explain how good it feels once you’re done.

Dat fresh face feel

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YOU’RE DONE NOW! So you can moisturise or not, I didn’t until I needed to do my makeup, just because my face was soft and smelled great. Its so easy and quick to do it all its so awesome. Try it, all you have to lose is your dead skin. heh.

Okay bye guys!Ā įƒ¦